Moon Rabbit Giant Origami by Coco Sato


Coco Sato is an award-winning Japanese artist based in the UK. Her work uses origami to change the way people see the world.

Coco is best known for translating traditional Japanese aesthetics into art forms with a uniquely modern edge. Using paper, fabric, food or simple electronics, she creates artworks and public origami installations that celebrate people, play and adventure.

Moon Rabbit is a giant origami performance which takes audiences on a meditative journey inspiring connection and cultural exploration. Shot on location at London’s Horniman Museum, Coco captures the processes involved in ‘creating something from nothing’.

The performance is inspired by the ancient Japanese legend ‘The Moon Rabbit of Autumn’, in which a rabbit lives on the moon pounding kneading and shaping the rice for celebratory mochi rice cakes to honour the year’s abundant crop, provides an unique visual learning experience bringing families and people of different generations together.

Film maker: Adam Azmy